Teaching an effortless, self-sufficient meditation technique as a tool to integrate into daily life. Perfect for modern living.



“Within a few days I was doing something I never thought I was capable of. Switching Off. Kate’s explanation of how it all works is a fascinating mix of science, history and culture, backed up with extraordinary evidence. I believe it to be the single best thing we have ever done.”

Nicky Lark | Graphic Designer/Blogger & Business Owner

“I cannot thank-you enough for what you have taught me. I handle my workload so much better and I’m doing the things I want to do in life. I have not gone a day without meditating since I have seen you. My energy levels are great, my skin has never been better. My girlfriends even say I look so much happier and calmer. I’m also proud to say I have become a master of meditating on the plane with screaming children.”

Amber Manning | Chief Operating Officer

“Meditation has been a huge game-changer in my life. The benefits of incredible sleep, increased concentration and focus and clear decision making are just a few things I have noticed. This is the way to quieten the irrelevant noise in your life and zone in on what matters to you. I could honestly go on and on about the positive difference its has made to my body and mind. Kate made the sessions fun and un-daunting."

Sam Hastwell | Business Owner/Video Producer and Director

“Thank-you so much for a wonderful weekend and the opportunity to explore, learn and discover new ways to be in touch with ourselves and others but also understand ourselves better and free up our mind from the daily congestion of life. We are privileged to have been able to be educated by you and grateful. You kept us engaged and thirsty throughout. Alex and I have kept up the meditation religiously, but more importantly, effortlessly. My body seems to require less fuel and I have been running smarter and more efficiently.”

Sam Salem | Head of International Sales

“Learning to meditate has significantly affected how I live my day-to-day life. I notice: better sleep; better digestion; less anxiety; being calm in situations that used to affect me; interacting with difficult people with ease; and being able to trust my intuition a bit more. A nice surprise was that I also lost weight.”

Adelaide Mourd | Photographer/Student/Social Media Marketing

"I highly recommend learning this Vedic Meditation. I had tried different forms of meditation over the years but found them to be a frustrating experience and the initial relaxation I felt wore off quickly. I've found the Vedic form to be effortless. It's the only time in my day that I'm just being, not doing, and working full time with a two year old and three year old, it is really nice to have that outlet. I can honestly say that this has been the most effective tool by far I have found to manage my stress and has significantly reduced my anxiety. Without it I would probably be really struggling with all the competing demands for my time and energy. For me, learning to meditate was an investment in my wellbeing. Four years, two babies, and an interstate move later, I'm really relieved that I made that investment."

Kristen Wall | Lawyer/Mum

“After practicing Vedic Meditation for more than 12 months it has become an important part of my wellbeing, personal development and accordingly an essential part of my day. You cannot find out what your true potential is unless you know yourself and can effectively manage your day to day stress levels. This is the most effective way I have found to achieve this.”

Michael Perry | Business owner/Athlete

“There is no way I would have ever thought to learn to meditate if it wasn’t for meeting Kate! She was an incredible teacher and 12 months later I’m unsure how I functioned without it. So many incredible benefits. Thanks Kate, I owe you so much.”

Kym Lindeman | Senior Policy Officer/Mum

“Learning Vedic Meditation with Kate Cliff has been a ‘game changer’ for me professionally (and personally); it has provided me with a tool and resource to be more engaged, productive and involved in all aspects of my life. Kate thoroughly explains the rationale behind the practice; the science; and she ensures her participants leave the course well-equipped to take the skill and apply it to all circumstances. I would certainly recommend Kate Cliff’s meditation course to any professional who desires to learn how to rely less on excessive caffeine, exercise and alcohol and advance their productivity, innovative ability and constructive insight, both personally and professionally.”

Stephanie Dyball | Lawyer/Business Owner