5 Ayurvedic Tips For Flying

Here’s my 5 Ayurvedic tips for flying!

Hot water – Drink plenty of hot water before your flight as well as during your flight.

Apply oils externally- practice the self-body massage technique known as abhyanga before your flight to oilate the body. There’s beautiful Vata pacifying oils available or almond oil works well too.

Apply oils internally – apply oil to cotton buds and place in those your ears and nose before take off.

Choose warming and grounding foods – favour warm, smooth, moist, sweet dishes that are easily digestible. Anything that is dry, rough and cool is going to increase and aggravate your vata dosha.

Meditate! Your meditation practice is your tool you have with you anywhere, anytime. On a flight you can meditate as often as you like and for as long as you like. This will provide you with deep, deep rest, and assist you to combat jet lag.

Practice these 5 tips to keep your Vata dosha balanced. Not sure what I’m talking about? Learn more about the three doshas we are all made up of on the website now.

To find out more information on Ayurveda and how this ancient body of preventative medicine knowledge can be applied to your life head here.

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