Why Meditate

It’s simple. We do this with our mobile phone everyday. Plug it in. Recharge the battery. Use it all day. Plug it in again.

This is what meditation is for the mind and body. Recharging the battery. Preparing ourselves to launch out into life so that we are able to achieve our full physical and mental potential.

Life isn’t getting any less busy. Nor would we want it to be. And it’s hard to find a week that we can carve out of our schedules to go and sit on a beach in Mexico. As much as we may want to.

Meditation is a way to ensure that we can sustainably continue to live challenging, engaged, exciting, demanding lives juggling careers, mortgages, promotions, study, friends, exercise, hobbies, travel and family commitments.

Each day stress, tension and fatigue accumulate in the mind and body and this has a detrimental effect on us physically, mentally and emotionally, and on those around us. Through Vedic Meditation we can release this build up of stress from the nervous system quickly and effectively on a daily basis enabling greater access to our clear thinking, energetic, happy, intelligent, creative and physically healthy self.

This technique achieves results quickly and easily without effort, force or the need to concentrate. With correct instruction, meditation is an enjoyable life tool that anyone can easily learn and look forward to engaging with daily. Spending 20 minutes each day in the morning and evening meditating can have an enormous impact on all areas of our lives, with great benefit not only for ourselves but also those around us.