About Kate Cliff

Hi I’m Kate. I’m from Kiama on the South Coast of NSW. I meditate. Everyday. It’s the tool I use to power up so that I can launch out into life. And really live. 

It sets me up for the day ahead. My mind is clear, sharp and creative. My body is strong. I have energy, clarity and I’m ready for what life has to offer. 

I find that I’m fully engaged in dynamic activity, but the stress of life more easily rolls off me. And I am present, aware and available in my interactions with others. 

Meditation is the most important thing I do in my day everyday to get the most out of myself and my life. It’s the recharge cord for the mind and body. Just like I connect my devices, I take the time to do that for myself, so that I can launch out into life at full capacity. When I meditate, I find I become more productive, I find I have more time. Which means doing more of the things I love. I teach because I want that for you too. 

Whether you’re a CEO, a student, an athlete, a parent, with correct instruction, anyone can meditate anywhere, anytime. Effortlessly.  

I haven’t always been a meditator. And I never thought I was capable of meditating. 

I learnt to meditate when my life was completely overwhelming. I was working as a lawyer in Sydney when I was hit by a car as a pedestrian.

The prognosis for my quality of life after that was not good. Severely injured, in chronic pain, and struggling mentally, 13 months later I finally took the advice of many, realised I had nothing to lose and everything to gain, and I learnt to meditate. 

My body started to come out of pain and heal, I started to be able to sleep and eat, and I got space back from the negative, self-destructive voices in my head. And I felt very self-empowered, that I had a tool that I could use anywhere, anytime, that enabled me to change my experience of life. 

The benefits I experience from meditating are undeniable. It’s the tool I added into my life which allowed me to thrive rather than just survive. And when you do this, life becomes a whole heap of fun. 

Meditate. Then get out there and start living!

Want to hear more? As part of a recent documentary I talk about why I learnt to meditate, my motivations for teaching and ultimately how the experience has changed my life. This short film offers a greater insight into my experience of adding this practice into my life.