Carly Allen: Vedic Meditator

THANK-YOU KATE! I thought it would be good but I didn’t know it would be this good… I have had a really rough year and I had been contemplating seeing Kate since first meeting her at a coffee shop 3 years ago. I kept putting it off but it was time to put myself first for my family so that I could be the best, happy version of myself.

From the very first session with Kate it felt like a weight had lifted off my shoulders, I couldn’t remember the last time I had felt this calm, relaxed and less stressed. It makes me quite  emotional thinking about it and the effects Vedic meditation have already had on my body. I feel like not everything little thing is a battle, not everything is a stress, not everything is a worry. I’m no longer in that fight or flight mode running from everything and feeling like I just can’t cope. And for me I feel like this is just the beginning. The beginning of becoming the best, healthy, happy version of me I can be…

For me to think that the feelings I am feeling now from only starting Vedic meditation with Kate three days ago to how I will feel in months or years continuing this practise I am just in awe. I never thought I could feel inner quietness. I honestly can’t wait to continue not only my meditation journey but to inspire others to do so as well.

At first I felt anxious about taking time away from my family to do the course and that each day I would have to take time away from my family to meditate. But these are the reasons I’m doing it, to BE that better person and meditation makes me feel exactly that, a better person: a happier; more energised playful mum; and wife that lives life to the fullest each day.

I can’t wait to start my family on the Journey of Vedic meditation with Kate because I want for them what I feel now: happiness; calm; stress less; sleeping well and much more.

Kate I cannot thank you enough. I couldn’t be happier to have crossed paths with you and to now have someone like you in my life to give me such a special gift that I will have and cherish forever. You are truly amazing… ~ Carly Allen, 32 year old primary teacher, mumma of two

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