Keely O’Brien: Vedic Meditator

Vedic meditation has been an absolute game-changer for me. Before I did Kate’s course my brain was so noisy. It had been like it my whole life so I didn’t know any differently. I didn’t take a step without counting it out in my mind. I didn’t have a conversation without thinking ahead to what I could say next to keep the other person engaged. There was endless chatter – one voice in particular was always mean, critical and hurtful towards me. I struggled with anxiety and had suffered bouts of crippling depression in the past. 

After having our second child, my husband and I both decided to try meditation. I wanted to learn how to come from a place of peace when interacting with my kids. I felt snappy and cranky and knew I could do better. Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined the change it would bring into our lives.  By meditating for 20 minutes, twice a day my mind has become still and quiet. There are no voices. There is no counting my steps. I don’t hear songs playing like a constant radio in my head. I’ve freed up space to be present. I enjoy life so much more. I can relax in other people’s company and know that I AM enough. I hold this quiet, blissful stillness inside me. I am beyond grateful to Kate. If you’ve resonated with anything I experienced I cannot recommend Kate and Vedic meditation enough. Get ready to find your bliss! ~ Keely

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