Kyle O’Brien: Vedic Meditator

I approached mediation with the goal of reducing stress. During the first day with Kate it was clear that this wasn’t the only benefit I would gain. Through meditation I glimpsed a part of my mind I didn’t know existed. A quiet place that was essentially me. These glimpses can be fleeting, but knowledge of its existence provides constant comfort to me. Kate explains that the world is a stimulating but hectic place. It provides stimulation and excitement. I will not find quietness and contentment in an enduring form if I only focus my attention outward. These quiet, blissful qualities reside in each of us and, with practice, we can access them and change our lives.

I have never considered myself spiritual but meditation has been a gateway to more expansive views on life, consciousness and the world, which I am continuing to explore. I don’t always meditate twice a day, some days I don’t meditate at all. But it has become an essential part of my life and I recommend Kate’s course highly. 

Thanks Kate.

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