Let Your Light Shine: Vedic Meditation

You’re 26.

You’re lying on a hospital bed.

You can’t feel your legs.

You’re terrified.

You’re alone.

They tell you they think you’ve broken your neck.

The good news is, they’re confident now you’re not going to die, you’ve been stabilised. You’re lucky.

But you don’t feel lucky.

You spend the next months wishing that car had killed you. You consider that would be a better outcome than the constant physical and mental pain you’re living through.

You are awake in a nightmare. You are living through hell.

Ultimately that accident would change your life forever.

For the better.

There’s this beauty in life that the things that are the most painful, the most damaging, the most disruptive are always the greatest teacher, the greatest door opener, the greatest opportunity.

Have you ever changed because you were comfortable? Most of us have only ever changed direction because of discomfort. And when we welcome the discomfort as happening for us, not to us, then there is the opportunity to step into all the lessons that are there for us to learn.

There’s a quote I love by Rumi ~ The wound is the place where the light enters.

Let the light enter.

Let your light shine.

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