Meditate and Take Your Sister

Meet Vedic meditators and sisters Shannon Sladen and Kate Cutri learnt in July 2020 and by September had encouraged Shannon to get in on the medi action too. Here’s what they have to say about their experience:

Meditate & Take Your Sister

We each did Kate’s beginner Vedic Meditation course after a few months of chatting about the idea of a chance at something that would alleviate the exhaustion of day-to-day life and as working mums, provide us with additional rest we were losing through broken and sleepless nights, and in an effort to find our ‘me time’.

It didn’t take us long to sign up together for a retreat to learn the next steps to deepen our practice. What we have learnt so far has changed our lives.

It has made a difference to have shared it with someone spesh too. We talk about our daily medi’s, how it revived us on a particularly tough day, how it gave us the patience we really wanted to have with our kids, how it made our decisions clearer, how it helped us face a more difficult conversation, or how it gave us an energy boost needed to bring our happier, lighter self to school pick up, a challenging work day, a large family event, or a night out.

Now we tag team our medi’s when the kids are playing together and we check in on each other that we are practicing. We may even be planning some secret sister adventure days to skip out on our to-do list and spend time on our own self-care and the benefits of a shared medi experience!

We share the love for everything Kate has given to us through teaching us this amazing practice.

If you’re thinking about it, we say: treat yourself, and do the retreat – and take your sister! Kate & Shan

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