Meditation for Kids

Meditation is one of those tools that once you’ve learnt you wish you had learnt sooner. Well we can’t do anything about that now, but the good news is we can for your kids! Meditation is a great life skill that children can enjoy from as young as 5 years of age.

Children enjoy the same benefits of regular meditation that adults do – improved concentration, increased ability to adapt to their environments and greater emotional resilience.

Meditation can be particularly beneficial for children who have difficulty concentrating or focusing their attention, experience anxiety, or who are experiencing emotional challenges.

Children from 5 – 12 years learn in a private course format, as follows:

Session 1: 30 min appointment to discuss the technique and what they can expect
Session 2: 1 hour appointment where the technique is introduced and they receive their “word of wisdom”
Session 3: 30 min appointment to check their practice and answer any questions
Session 4: 30 minute checking appointment (7-10 days after initial instruction)

The course fees for children are:

Primary school age: $660
High school age: $880

Children 12 years and over generally join a regular group course of instruction.

It is important that at least one parent has undertaken a course of instruction prior to their child learning to meditate.

Book in for a children’s course of meditation by email today.