Vedic Meditation – A Tool To POWER UP

There exists a common misconception that meditation is about doing less. If you’re one of those people that’s a little scared that meditation is going to make you less driven, all chill and unproductive, I’m here to tell you that meditation is a tool to allow you to POWER UP! Meditation is NOT about doing less. It’s about being able to DO MORE. It’s about releasing stress out of the nervous system, changing our body’s biochemistry, providing deep rest and recharging our mind and body so that you can launch out into life and really LIVE!!

Vedic Meditation, as I teach it, is about getting more out of yourself, physically and mentally. It’s about going inwards first, so that you can launch out into the world and be your most clear, creative, strongest, fastest, dynamic, happy, energetic, fittest, physical well version of you. YOUR A GRADE YOU! Meet Sam Canavan. I taught Sam and his girlfriend Ellen to meditate in Byron last year. He says: “Kate is a glowing, literally she radiates health and vitality, endorsement for a regular meditation practice. We thoroughly enjoyed the course. Kate is a wonderful teacher, and the whole experience was equal parts informative, relaxing and exciting. I’d especially recommend Kate’s course to anyone who finds information about meditation conflicting, has haphazardly approached meditation before (via ‘calm’ apps and the like), or generally knows that meditation could be helpful, but doesn’t know where to start. Vedic meditation as Kate teaches, is so much more than shutting one’s eyes or focusing on breathing – it’s a practice with a process. One needs to “learn” to meditate, and Kate’s teaching is pressure free and positive. DO IT – IT’LL CHANGE YOUR LIFE.”

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