Vedic Meditator: Amber Manning

“I would absolutely say that meditation has changed my life as a leader. It really helps you to look at things with a bigger picture. I believe as a leader you really have to give that time to yourself. As a mother I’ve really learnt the more time I give to myself the more time I have to give back to my son and I see that in business too. As a leader and to other woman I would say to make that time for yourself, even though you probably always feel guilty about it, it’s essential and changed my life.”

When asked recently on the Leading Woman podcast, a podcast on female leadership, to please leave the listeners with a gem, what insight can you leave from your leadership toolkit, this was Amber’s response.

I love seeing other woman shine brightly 💛 A huge congratulations to Amber, CEO of Just Cuts on her recent appointment to the Board of the Franchise Council of Australia.

Listen to the podcast episode now through the link in my stories, and hear all about Amber’s journey into leadership, starting at the age of 20!

Go Amber! So happy for you!

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