Vedic Meditator: Dave Murphy

Dear Kate,

I wanted to say a massive thank-you to you.

Learning Vedic Meditation with you has been such a significant life enhancing experience. I could not have imagined these positive changes were even possible. Vedic Meditation has enhanced my life in ways I feel I can’t express in words, but will try.

I never thought I’d ever be a meditator but hearing people I admire talk about the benefits and then attending your introduction night, I knew I needed to try this. I’m so glad I did!

Within the first week of learning Vedic Meditation with you, I not only noticed positive changes in the connections I was having with family, friends and loved ones, my body and mind never felt so good! I was buzzing, seriously!

As I mentioned, I never thought I’d be a meditator and now I meditate twice a day, every day. It’s not a hassle to find the time, it just happens, and it’s amazing.

The benefits are not only evident in myself and how I feel, they are also evident through the compliments I now get from others about how healthy and happy I am.

I feel like I am connecting better with people and nature and meeting so many new and amazing people.

The fact that this meditation is now something I can do anywhere and anytime is so special. It’s been 12 months since I learnt to meditate with you and I’m still seeing the benefits more and more as time goes on. Too many to list. It was especially helpful during the lockdowns too!

Again I can’t thankyou enough.

Much love and gratitude, Dave

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