Vedic Meditator: Gemma Taylor

This is South Coast Vedic Meditator, Mum of 3 and business co-owner of Palmaira Sandals Australia Gem Taylor. She says:

“I sat down to do a meditation today. Suddenly all the kids climbed on me and said they wanted to do it with me. 

For 18 months now I’ve been practicing Vedic meditation daily. It’s changed my life. 

For someone who can be very ‘right I’m on to the next thing’ in someways I’m surprised. Yet TBH I get so much from it I genuinely couldn’t live without it. 

Over the last 18 months I have gained incredible insight in to my ‘self’. 

I’m so aware of my energy, other peoples energy, how that affects me, and how to clear my own mind of thoughts and things that don’t serve me. 

Layer upon layer of things that used to trouble me have fallen away & though I may not look much different on the outside, it’s the inside that’s had the biggest transformation.

It’s the most incredible feeling to know you have the ability to look after your own mind and body by just giving yourself that time. 

I am aware of stress within myself now and I’m able to calm my thoughts. I don’t run around like a headless chicken.

I feel deeply grateful to have found this practice & I love the thought of the children learning this from us. 

We are taught to constantly use our brains to analyse yet we aren’t taught as children how to turn that side of the brain off. How to just ‘be’. 

I had tried using the apps but it was learning with our now dear friend Kate that was so transformative.”

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