Vedic Meditator: Gemma Taylor

This is South Coast Vedic Meditator, Mum of 3 and business co-owner of Palmaira Sandals Australia Gem Taylor. After one month of meditating she says: “I’d been wanting to learn Vedic meditation for a long time. I was doing apps, and it was helping. But now I’ve been doing Vedic meditation for 20 mins every day for the last month and it’s the best thing I’ve ever done. It really is. I never thought I had time for it and actually since doing it I haven’t felt clearer in my life. It’s a tool I’ve found to be so incredibly useful. 

I’m calmer, I have so much more clarity and everything feels so much sharper. I’m noticing I’m so present with my children and with other people. Being able to really hear what my children are saying and see their facial expressions – when you’re moving a hundred miles an hour all the time you’re just not really present. That’s just been so big for me. It’s also really helped me to understand what I want to achieve and given me clarity on work life balance. 

Physically I was really suffering with neck pain, headaches from that and I’d get lethargic, and I had suffered for years. Within four days that had all gone.” 

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