Vedic Meditator: Jacinta Tynan

This is my beautiful friend and Vedic Meditator Jacinta Tynan. She recently shared with vulnerability, an open heart and absolute grace her experience of separating from her partner, being fired from her job, life during covid and her meditation practice.

On her experience of finding herself in the middle of proceedings in the Family Court of Australia post separation: “To find yourself there when you started out with the best of intentions and left with the best of intentions… Sometimes you have no choice but to step up for the sake of your kids. The way that I cope is to rise above it as best I can. Those that are out on the other side tell me I will move on and not look back.”

Until recently she was a news presenter at Sky News. But as the impact of COVID hit she was retrenched. “There have been catastrophic job losses across almost every industry during this time. I’m proof that no-one is immune.” She now sees this as a blessing in disguise. Like many parents she’d had to support her children with their homeschooling – a juggling act that was becoming increasingly difficult. “On one occasion, I had no option but to take my boys to work. They sat in the foyer for five hours while I presented the news and prepared interviews between running out to check on them. It was incredibly stressful and wasn’t fair on my kids. So when I was laid off the next week, it felt like the timing was right. Something had to give. We’ve been bunkering down together and reconnecting, recalibrating. We three really needed that.For the first time since they were babies, I’ve got the opportunity to be really present with them. Life has slowed. These are days we will never get back.”

She begins and ends every day with a 20-minute meditation session. Through the rocky times, she says it keeps her on an even keel. “I learnt Vedic meditation when I was pregnant with my first baby. I sit up on my bed, I light a candle – on a good day – and repeat a mantra to myself. It’s as much a habit as brushing my teeth. I’ve been through an enormous amount these past few years. There’s been a lot of emotional pain. Meditation keeps me going.” 

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