Vedic Meditator: Keely O’Brien

This is South Coast Vedic Meditator, Keely. Mother of 3 and meditator for the last 2 years.

Here’s what Keely has to say about meditation and anxiety…

“I’m a control freak and having severe panic attacks made me realise something wasn’t right. My husband and I had been talking about learning to meditate with Kate because he also suffers from anxiety (and I highly recommend doing it with your partner).

Once I learnt Vedic meditation I realised ooh my brain doesn’t have to work in the way that it has been my whole life. It can be calm and still and I don’t have to feel this sense of urgency and terror.

In the first week after learning with Kate I noticed some really significant changes. Since childhood I used to count my steps, I thought that was normal, songs played in my head and there was constant chatter, and all of that went away and my mind was quiet. I had never experienced that in my 34 years. I was just blown away! The space that gave me to then bring to my every day was amazing, when I had previously been feeling like I was at the end of my tether and my cup was so full to the brim and I’d be pushed over the edge. When all of those noises in my mind went immediately, I thought, ‘WOW, this is pretty impressive and an amazing tool.’ That inspired me to keep on going everyday with my practice.”

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