Vedic Meditator: Maddie Livsey

WHY MEDITATE? MEET THESE SPUNKS: MADDIE AND WILL ~ Maddie is a former lawyer and works as the GM of an advertising company and Will as a commercial leasing executive. Maddie’s been a vedic meditator for years now, and Willy jumped on the program in 2017. Here’s what Maddie says it brings to their lives: “Meditating definitely makes us BETTER VERSIONS OF OURSELVES. Vedic meditation is something that I SWEAR BY NOW. It is the MOST EFFECTIVE STRESS RELEASE TOOL for the modern day. It’s a tool that busy people can have in their arsenal to manage stress and anxiety. It has been hugely significant in allowing me to BETTER MANAGE MY STRESS LEVELS. You have BETTER MENTAL CLARITY throughout the day, you SLEEP BETTER, it HELPS WITH JET LAG, and helps create space to THINK CREATIVELY. I wish I had been meditating throughout uni and through high school, because it’s had SUCH A BIG IMPACT ON MY LIFE .” 

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