Vedic Meditator: Olivia Yeatman

This is lovely South Coast lawyer and Pilates instructor Olivia Yeatman. I taught her to meditate in 2019 and she says: 

“Learning vedic meditation was an invaluable experience and has become a way of life for me. I suffered with stress, anxiety and depression. Vedic meditation has provided me with a kind of teflon coating where I can manage daily stressors more easily and with perspective.

I heard about Kate’s course through other businesswomen who could not speak of her course and its benefits highly enough. The common theme from all of these women were that they led extremely busy lives, managing large workloads with family life and they needed something to release the pressure so they could continue to work at such a high pace, sustainably and with ease. Having been a lawyer herself, Kate has a unique understanding of the sorts of demands her clients face.

Since commencing working as a lawyer in 2016 and also running my pilates business I have felt the effects of burnout. Kate’s course was a means of providing relief to enable me to continue working at this pace. Vedic mediation is not just relaxing, it provides a tool to release layers of stress and anxiety that build up over time and recharges you so you can continue on with your day with energy and clarity. 

I live in the Southern Highlands and from December 2019 was evacuated numerous times due the fires burning to within 100 metres of my home. I grew up on a farm on the South Coast which was also under threat during this time. I lent into my meditation practice to seek relief from the anxiety I was feeling. Kate was of great support and ran free group meditations and day retreats to bring the community together. 

Following the bushfires, came Covid-19. I was able to work from home, but felt the uncertainty as many people were feeling. Again, Kate was a source of support and ran virtual courses for clients to continue to meet their needs.

Kate has created a community for Vedic meditators to be a part of to share their experiences and to support each other. Covid-19 has reiterated the importance of community and connection for a lot of people and Kate has been instrumental in creating that space.” 

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