Vedic Meditator: Casey Dorling

I’ve had the pleasure of working with beautiful Casey and her family for the past 14 months. Learning to meditate, advanced techniques, rounding, group retreat days, private retreat days, private mentoring and teaching her 9 year old Evie to meditate. We’ve gone in deep together. Here she reflects on those teachings:


We’re raising a completely different generation of girls. (Boys too but that’s for another time)

If you’ve had a a daughter in the last 10-15 years I know you understand what I mean.

They just can’t be parented in the way that we were, so any ‘guidebook’ you’re following from when you were young, you might as well throw it out the window.

I don’t like to say that my daughter is strong willed, that would mean to say that I’m comparing her to others & we just don’t do that anymore.

Each one is their own individual soul (as we are) here on their own experience & they’ve chosen us to be a part of it.

If we put our own stubbornness aside, they are here to teach us. They’re forcing us to evolve. To look at things differently. To grow. And if we don’t, we suffer for it.

I’ve found communication is key. The outbursts have underlying emotions and if you stay calm enough you can get to it. But you do need to stay calm, as hard as that is sometimes.

I’ve had to put my ego of ‘I’m the parent, I’m right, you do as I say’ away. It doesn’t work.

Self reflection through communication has been the most useful – “when you behave like this, it makes me feel like this” it creates a channel of dialogue that wouldn’t be there if we just yelled, slammed doors and walked away.

These beautiful girls feel very deeply too & are influenced by the energy around them so helping them find ways to be in control of their own energy, when there may be a lot going on around them can be really helpful too.

Central to my own growth, and Evie’s has been Vedic meditation. Evie learned to meditate 12 months ago with Kate Cliff and she has helped me navigate parenting Evie in ways I wouldn’t have thought of. I’ll be forever grateful x

Work on you, to help them. Put the stubbornness aside & step forward. We’ve got this.

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