Why Meditate

It’s simple. We do this with our mobile phone everyday. Plug it in. Recharge the battery. Use it all day. Plug it in again.

This is what meditation is for the mind and body. Recharging the battery. Preparing ourselves to launch out into life so that we are able to achieve our full physical and mental potential.

Life isn’t getting any less busy. The great misconception about meditation is that it’s about doing less, when actually it’s about having the capacity to take on more sustainably. Vedic Meditation is a technique of meditation for busy people with busy lives. Meditating daily is a way to ensure that we can sustainably continue to live challenging, engaged, exciting, demanding lives juggling careers, mortgages, promotions, study, friends, exercise, hobbies, travel and family commitments.

Each day stress, tension and fatigue accumulate in the mind and body and this has a detrimental effect on us physically, mentally and emotionally, and on those around us. Through Vedic Meditation we can release this build up of stress from the nervous system quickly and effectively on a daily basis enabling greater access to our clear thinking, energetic, happy, intelligent, creative and physically healthy self.

This technique achieves results quickly and easily without effort, force or the need to concentrate. Vedic meditation is an enjoyable life tool that anyone can easily learn and look forward to engaging with daily. Spending 20 minutes each day in the morning and evening meditating has an enormous impact on all areas of our lives, with great benefit not only for ourselves but also those around us.


The Technique | How it Works

Vedic Meditation is an effortlessself-sufficient, take anywhere meditation technique. This is what makes the technique able to be integrated into daily life. Meaning busy people with busy lives can enjoy the benefits.

Let’s face it, if we’ve got to get to a class three times a week for an hour it just isn’t going to happen. Deadlines roll in, there’s traffic, it’s cold/hot/wet/we’re hungry – we’ve all been there. This is where Vedic Meditation is different. It’s a 4 session course designed to equip you to be an independent meditator. 

When you learn Vedic Meditation you will receive a mantra, a little sound without meaning that you whisper gently inside of your mind with your eyes closed. Your mantra acts as a vehicle for the mind, and it naturally orientes the mind from the top layers which are busy, active and constantly thinking, planning and projecting, down to the bottom of the mind, which is the inner, quiet, still state of the mind. The mind calms and then has the ability to refine the mantra beyond this point and in doing so refine the mantra completely beyond perception. At this point the mind lets go of the mantra, lets go of thought and comes to a complete state of rest within itself.

Meditation is an effortless experience when the correct mantra is passed on in the correct way, with correct instruction. Many people who have tried other meditation practices find that this technique achieves results quickly and easily without effort, force or the need to concentrate. It is a technique that is practiced for 20 minutes twice a day while sitting comfortably.

Once instructed it is possible to meditate anywhere that you can sit and close your eyes – on a bus, plane, train or in the office – we just sit and close the eyes and bring the mantra to mind inside of our awareness. There is no need to go chanting the mantra out loud, have anything with you, to sit in any particular position or to attend any further classes of instruction. And this is what makes this practice achievable!

This isn’t a technique that takes long to learn or get good or to see results. With correct instruction, anyone can learn to meditate. And enjoy it!


The Benefits

We are all busy people. If we are going to do anything with our time then it needs to not take too much time, and we need to see results, quickly.

Vedic Meditation provides deep relaxation and enables stress, tension and fatigue to be released from the nervous system quickly and effectively on a daily basis, improving our physical and mental health, wellbeing and potential.

As the body heads into stress mode the first three things that shut down are digestion, reproduction and memory centres. Rest provides the mind and the body with the opportunity to perform much needed processing, repairs and maintenance and prepare for further demands. Meditation delivers deep rest to the mind and body and has been shown to move the body from the fight or flight response to the stay and play response. That is, a biochemical change occurs in the body, and as a result digestion, reproduction and memory centres, amongst others, are reactivated.

When we release stress, tension and fatigue from the nervous system at a greater rate than we are putting it in, we are able to access more of our higher qualities, more of the time – patience, resilience, physical health and well-being, and bring a calmer, happier and more focused and dynamic version of ourselves out into our daily lives.


Vedic Meditation | The Tradition

Vedic Meditation is derived from the Veda, the ancient record of all of Ayurvedic medicine, yoga and meditation and all of Indian philosophy. It is a mantra based meditation practice, that is easy to learn, enjoyable, and provides results quickly.

It is a technique that originated in India over 5,000 years ago from extensive research and investigation into the inner workings of the mind and body to find out how people could access their highest qualities more of the time.

Although originating in India, this knowledge is not exclusively Indian. This is a technique that can be practiced and enjoyed by all people of all ages, religious beliefs, and professions.

This is a technique that has been passed on through an unbroken line of teachers, from one teacher to the next, for more than 5,000 years.

In 2012 I entered an intensive year long study program with my teacher Tim Brown and graduated as a Vedic Meditation teacher in Rishikesh India, the heart of Vedic knowledge, adding this qualification to my Bachelor of Laws, Bachelor of Communications and Media Studies and Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice. Since that time I have undergone further training and professional development with Deepak Chopra MD, Thom Knoles, Tim Brown and Dr Matthew Bourke. 

On my return from India I set up the Kate Cliff Meditation Centre in my hometown of Kiama on the South Coast of NSW. Since that time people have travelled from all over Australia to learn to meditate with me as well as flying me all over the world to teach meditation and present keynote speeches. I offer private and group courses of instruction throughout Australia and worldwide. I am grateful to be recognised as an expert in the industry and have twice been a Finalist as the Wellness Advocate of the Year for the Women in Law Awards – in 2020 and 2019. If you’ve ever thought that you’d like to learn to meditate, I’d love to teach you the technique of meditation that changed my life!