Courses | Consultations


Learn to Meditate

Kate offers the following courses and consultations:

Introductory talks: Introductory talks to provide people with an opportunity to make an informed decision about learning to meditate with Kate.

Group Courses: The course structure is conducted over four consecutive days or a two-day weekend course.

Private Courses: Private courses of instruction are available by appointment to accommodate personal schedules and requirements.

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Private Consultations | Mentoring 

These sessions are designed to allow students to further develop their meditation practice and Vedic knowledge, learn techniques to experience increased benefits and strategies to enhance personal and professional relationships and dealings.

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Meditation for Children

Children as young as 5 years of ago can learn to meditation. Children’s meditation courses are run by private appointment.

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Mothers’ Meditation Program

Mothers’ Program is also held by private appointment for woman that have undertaken a course of instruction with Kate.

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Group Meditations

Group meditation is held in Byron Bay at 7pm on Monday evenings for those who have already undertaken instruction.

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