Mothers’ Meditation Program

Are you a new Mum or planning to be? Well the Mothers’ Meditation Program is here to help you through this transition and to equip you with tools to enable this to be a more enjoyable, less stressful, more rested experience. 

Mothers’ Program is for women who have already completed their meditation course. The program can be taken pre or post conception and is taught one-on-one and is personalised for the needs of the individual. The program covers fertility; pregnancy; labour; feeding; and postnatal program for mother and baby.

Learn about:

  • the impact stress has upon the fertility of both yourself and your partner and how meditation can assist reactivation of the reproductive system – there have been many cases where conception has become possible after having learnt to meditate;
  • how meditation can reduce stress levels and prepare the body for parenthood through the activation of a detoxification process in the body enabling higher reproductive genetic material to be produced;
  • how meditation prior to conception reduces the effects of morning sickness;
  • meditating throughout your pregnancy;
  • meditation and labour;
  • meditating post delivery;
  • meditating while feeding;
  • postnatal program for mother and baby; and
  • children’s meditation program.

Mothers’ Program is 1.5 hours and the fee is $200.

Please email to book your appointment.