Dayle Larter: Vedic Meditator

This is beautiful Dayle, 34 year old Byron mumma of 2 and business owner. After undergoing a mastectomy and reconstruction surgery, and me being on her insta radar for a while, she decided it was time to get some some Vedic meditation into her life. Just 3.5 weeks after learning, this was her experience: “I wanted to let you about the single most noticeable change I’ve experienced since adding meditation to my day. I have a thing called MTHFR (approx. 40% of the population have at least one copy of this gene, largely undiagnosed). Anyway I’m not sure if you’ve heard of it but it basically impedes your body’s ability to methylate; decreasing the body’s own ability to detoxify….and on a more debilitating level for a lot of people it can cause all sorts of anxiety related issues. While I don’t have crippling anxiety; I do identify with the common symptoms of the disorder; and since finding out about MTHFR I have been sceptical that I’ve been supplementing correctly. (It can take a lot of tweaking with B vitamins to hit that sweet spot where you feel consistently balanced, calm and less stressed). I was about to touch base with my naturopath again and explain that I was still feeling off-ish and not quite as cool, calm and collected as I’d like to….. WELL! I have realised that my jittery/anxious period after waking each morning, feeling overwhelmed with what I have to get done etc, and feeling like I’m not getting a full, satisfying breath (all of which can be put down to MTHFR not being managed correctly) have been alleviated since learning to medi with you. Seriously unreal.”

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