Vedic Meditator: Bianca Dye

Meet the beautiful, fun, huge hearted Bianca Dye. Radio host, anxiety sufferer and mental health ambassador. I taught Bianca to meditate 5 years ago and she says meditation has been an absolute game changer for her. Here’s what she has to say about learning and adding this practice into her life:

“Meditation has really helped me through sooooo much change in my life… it really is a game changer and it took me years to realise that it didn’t have to be perfect!! I just had to sit still anywhere and you’re allowed to itch and move and adjust yourself. You do not have to sit perfectly still and you can do it sitting in the car. Make your own damn rules!

That’s why it took me so long to get regular because I’m such a bloody OCD perfectionist I always thought I had to meditate a certain way… but that’s absolute bullshit – you do you! It’s like exercise as long as you get it done your body still takes in all the juicy goodness.

It doesn’t matter HOW it just matters that you “do”… and it’s something that builds up inside your body over time.. One day you realise that a lot of your anxiety has dissipated and it’s because the meditation builds up a calmness inside you ….it’s hard to explain. Main thing is don’t put pressure on yourself start slow -lose allll your expectations. It’s really more about making that space for yourself in your life.

I find meditation so important for my anxiety because it soothes my inner crazy asshole lady. I do try and get two twenty minute meditations in if I can. It’s an incredible tool that I have used sitting in a carpark before I go into a radio station to calm me or in a park or for a quick 10 minutes in the morning before the craziness of my day begins. There is no better day than today to start – is there…?”