Filming Continues on the Documentary

So much love for this beautiful man 🫶🏻 I’m so very honoured to have had the opportunity to film today with my friend, chiropractor, fellow Vedic Meditator, retreat facilitator, healer and mentor, Dr Matthew Bourke, as part of the documentary I’m currently creating about my path to healing.

Speaking on auto-immune disease (mine and his own), cold anaphylaxis, the mind-body connection, meditation, consciousness, our journey through my first ice bath together, and finally experiencing the snow for the first time in 22 years, I’m so grateful to have had Matt by my side guiding me these last 4 years, for his wisdom, knowledge and loving support, and to have him share his invaluable insights with us in this way.

So much of my healing required moving out of a state of fear and deeply connecting: connecting back to myself; to the world around me; and to others.

Matt has been a shining ray of light in my life, someone that inspires me and that I aspire to be like. His support and our connection has allowed me to continually stretch myself beyond medical diagnoses and limiting prognoses. His care, skill and depth of scientific knowledge, are a gift to the world.

That first ice bath happened when it did because I had developed a relationship of deep trust with Matt. I was ready, but he was there with me. Without that first ice bath I would not have been ready for the snow when I was.

And of course, as the universe would have it, my first time to the snow in 22 years would overlap with Matt’s trip to Japan in January. In Tokyo, a city of 37 million people, we’d run into each other in the street and have dinner.

We alone must do our inner work. But there are guiding lights in this world. The people that light the way, they’ve walked the path before us, allowing us to confidently walk that path too. Through their own light, they allow us to shine brightly too.

I’m so excited to share this documentary with you, and Matt’s contributions to it, and to inspire you that you are the creator of your life, your healing is within you and your life can be extraordinary.

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