SBS Insight Interview

Recently I was invited to appear and be interviewed on SBS Insight as part of their upcoming episode on near death experiences, to share my experiences and how they’ve shaped me and my path of now being a Vedic Meditation teacher for the past 10.5 years!

Being asked to reflect back on the experience of being hit by a car and the recovery is always a good reminder to me of how far I’ve come, how grateful I am for that experience and how opening it has been for my life and how important finding meditation has been for my life and ultimately the joy I have found in becoming Vedic Meditation teacher.

On the taxi ride over to the SBS studios in Sydney my driver asked me what I was heading to the SBS for. I told him to film an episode of Insight. He asked me what the episode was on. I told him it was on near death experiences. He asked, so what happened to you? I said, a taxi hit me on a pedestrian crossing.

And in that moment life gave me a beautiful insight into my growth.

Because for so long it had been so terrifying to go anywhere near a taxi or ride in one. When I was hit, the taxi driver wasn’t stopping and I was on the bonnet screaming for him to stop. And here I was calm. Safe. No messages internally of there being any threat of danger.

And just as I was in that moment and reflecting on it, an ambulance came down the middle of both lanes screaming past us.

After that accident my PTSD symptoms were so acute that my psychologist had me not watching TV because if the sound of an ambulance came on I’d bet set off into a state of panic.

I arrived at the SBS studios, and the beautiful hair and make-up artist assigned to me told me when she was done, there’s something about you. You have this amazing energy and peaceful aura.

And that was the most beautiful piece of feedback for me seeing how differently I was experiencing life and reflecting that back out into the world.

The instruction with our meditation practice is Yogastha Kuru Karmani, established in being perform action. That is, go to the inner quiet still state within yourself and from there, launch out into life. The quietness and stillness will fade, but the world will show you the progress that’s been made.

I’m grateful the SBS sought me out. Delivered this experience to me to show my growth to myself.

I can only hope that you take away something meaningful from the episode as well.

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