Vedic Meditator: Olivia Julietta

This is the gorgeous Olivia and beautiful bubba girl Willa. When life as a new mum became overwhelming Olivia realised it was time to do motherhood differently and reached out to me about learning to meditate. Here’s what she has to say about her experience: “As a new mother, I had trouble adjusting the expectations I had on myself, what I believed others had of me and quite simply, I was juggling too many hats. Ultimately at a time when I should have been consumed in baby bubble bliss, I became overwhelmed, short-tempered, exhausted and unrecognisable to myself and my partner.

I was operating from old software and I had not upgraded to the “new mother earth suit suite”. I loved my new role but I also had trouble letting the old stuff go, but the trouble was I did not know how, because I did not have the space or clarity of mind to recognise or address it. I had known Kate for many years, we crossed paths a long time ago, and in a moment of strength I reached out once again and that was that. Kate is an absolute sunbeam. A real life human glow worm who just brightens your day with her smile and nurturing nature. It was a blessing to be taught by her.

Meditation gave me clarity, strength, vision and the deep rest I needed to see myself for who I am, who I want to be and what I needed to shed. After the first two days, I saw extreme benefit, in particular, I felt rested and ready to jump out of bed at 5am with my little girl despite still experiencing very broken sleep. So naturally, I became an addict! It replaced my coffee. The longer pockets of pause with meditation gave me more space and flow in life. Space to be, space to appreciate, space between thought and action. Vedic meditation filled me up when I was depleted and it sustains me to this day. It allowed me to audit my life, expectations, priorities and got me back to the mother and partner I always knew was me. Now that overwhelmed new Mother is a distant memory, and if she ever rears her ugly head again she asks herself ‘did you meditate today?’” 

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