Vedic Meditator: Maddie West

Meet Maddie: Physiotherapist, practice owner, Mum and Vedic Meditator. Maddie and her Mum came in for the weekend to learn to meditate after her clients had raved to her about their experience. And she’s been loving it ever since! Here’s what she had to say recently about adding this technique into her life:


2021 for me had the goal of giving back to myself so I can continue to give to those around me – family, staff, clients and the list goes on. This giving back to myself came in the form of learning Vedic Meditation.

I have tried to meditate in the past with minimal success, however Vedic Meditation is a whole other experience. From the first session, I was able to descend into a place of pure calm, rest and overall bliss. It was so amazing I was obsessed after the first session.

I have been practicing Vedic Meditation for 2.5 weeks now and so far have noticed:
• less brain fog
• improved sleep (when not woken by a 1 year old)
• no longer looking for my sugar hit during the afternoon slump
• decreased stress
• increased energy

If this is what I have noticed in a short period of time, what is to come over the months and years.

Thank you Kate Cliff Meditation for your guidance, support and overall passion for passing on an ancient technique. Maddie

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